Thursday, May 5, 2011

Client Printing with Terminal Services

Starting with Windows 2008, you no longer have to install printer drivers on the server and that's because Microsoft added the Terminal Services Easy Print printer driver to Windows 2008 to make client printing, well easy. Still, you may find you are having a problem with client printers showing up on the server. If so, here's a checklist you can follow to ensure client printing is properly configured.

1. Check the Spooler Service is set to automatic start and is running.

  1. Go to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Services ->  Print Spooler

2. Check that Windows Printer mapping is allowed on the server.

  1. Go to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Terminal Services -> Terminal Services Configuration Right click RDP-Tcp and click properties
  2. Right click RDP-Tcp and click properties
  3. Click on Client Settings and make sure Windows Printer is NOT checked

3. Check that the Group Policy is not preventing client printer redirection.

  1. Go to Start -> Run -> Type in gpedit.msc
  2. Go to Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Terminal Services -> Terminal Server -> Printer Redirection
  3. Each setting should be set to 'Not configured'

4. Check the Terminal Services UserMode Port Redirector service is started.

  1. Go to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Services ->  Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector